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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy Statement

Covid-19 Specific Flexible Booking Terms

  1. Safety Ski Holidays
  2. We have spent a great deal of time speaking with past guests and new enquiries who are desperate to ski with us this winter. Understandably though they have concerns of how COVID-19 may affect their holiday. Whilst we can’t guarantee fully how these uncertain times will evolve through the coming season, we have sought to address the areas that we can control.
    We have introduced for the 2021-22 winter season new flexible terms which should allow you to book in confidence that if you holiday can go ahead it will do so safely and to the standard that you expect, but in the event that it is disrupted that you have financial security.
  3. Flexible Cancellation Policy
  4. We have addressed our booking terms to provide a worry-free solution during these uncertain times. Our COVID-19 Cancellation Policy addresses your concerns over potential COVID-19 disruptions and your ability to cancel your holiday if necessary.

    If your holiday is affected by the following government authorised scenarios in place 7 days from the start of your holiday you will be able to cancel and receive either an 80% refund or a 100% credit note (valid for up to 24 months):

    • - National, Regional or localised lockdowns restricting individuals from moving outside of their area.
    • - Closure of the ski resort.
    • - Closure of our chalet.
    • - Closure of the border between France and your country of residence.
    • - Advice from FCDO (or relevant governmental body advising against travel to the resort destination.
    • - If you have to quarantine for more than 24 hours on arrival in France.
    • - If you have to quarantine for more than 7 days on return to your country of residence.

  5. Confidence Guarantee
    • If your country of residence issues a travel ban or a do-not-travel advisory to the destination booked; or your flight is cancelled and alternatives are not available; or if you are subject to government-enforced quarantine; we will be happy to accept your cancellation at no charge and issue you a credit note (credit will be based on the booking value paid) which allows you to rebook the same chalet for a future stay. You may choose the travel dates later based on property availability and conditions. Rebooking will be at the same chalet under the same client/booking name.
    • If it becomes necessary to cancel your booking, we will supply you with the necessary paperwork to file a claim with your travel insurance.
    • If you are not covered by travel insurance, we will convert your booking into a credit note at no charge, allowing you to rebook the same chalet at a later date (subject to availability and conditions).

    To ensure you have a worry-free stay, we will continue to follow standards for cleanliness that are recommended by local regulations. In addition to our normal thorough clean, we will ensure that all frequently touched surfaces such as handles, work surfaces, dining room table and chairs and light switches are disinfected prior to your arrival.

  6. Covid-19 Updates
  7. For the latest updates on COVID-19 restrictions in place in your country we advise you to follow your relevant government advice.

  8. Prior to your arrival
  9. The chalet will have undergone a thorough deep clean prior to your arrival. This will include disinfection using EU BPR approved substances for all surfaces and touch points. Certain non-essential ornaments and soft furnishings will have been removed to reduce contact risks. You will be the first people to enter the property after it’s sanitisation.

  10. Hand Sanitizer
  11. There will be hand sanitiser available upon entry into the boot room / chalet which all guests and staff would be encouraged to use. We ask that you observe a strict hand-washing ritual throughout your stay.

  12. Staff
  13. Our staff will act responsibly, discreetly and with care to ensure the chalet environment is safe. All staff members will wear masks in the chalet observe social distancing and continue to wash hands regularly.
    Should you wish to have a reduced contact experience we will be able to offer a meal delivery service, cleaning whilst you are out skiing and driver service.

  14. Minibus
  15. Our minibus will be cleaned and disinfected following every use. The driver will be wearing a mask and in line with the government rules you will be required to wear a face covering whilst within the vehicle. We will not be operating any shared transport with other chalets. Due to the additional protocols in place we ask that guests adhere to their scheduled pick-up times.

  16. Note
  17. The guidelines are evolving over time and we will monitor this weekly to implement it using the most up to date information, which will be available to view within our chalet. We ask that you respect these and act responsibly to protect our staff and your other group members.